Green Specialty Service Inc.


A leading manufacturer of metallurgical test specimens including Hydrogen Embrittlement Bars per ASTM F519. 

Established in 1977 we occupy an 11,000 square foot facility in Fort Worth, Texas. Our management has over 40 years experience in the manufacturing of steel, aluminum, titanium and plastic products and over twenty years of manufacturing metalurgical samples to ASTM F519.

We use modern CNC equipment and offline programming to meet most all requirements for the manufacture of quality machined products and metalurgical test samples such as tensile,charpy impacts, and hydrogen embrittlement specimens of all types.

The quality assurance program meets the requirements of  ISO 9001-2015, and is approved for government  and many manufacturing facilities.

SPC inspection procedures are available on all production parts and ASTM F519 samples. Audited and certified support groups in welding, heat treat, plating and packaging in turnkey products.